No Bake Chocolate Train & Carriages Cake

Big Boy was 3 on Sunday. My last baby is growing up!

I went into town to find a train cake tin and then had the idea of making one out of chocolate roll.
Okay, the proportions may not be quite right and it could be improved. But I was quite pleased with my first attempt. And so were the kids.

I think it took about 20 minutes to put together.

2 chocolate swiss rolls
1 bag large chocolate buttons
1 Bag of strawberry pencils (for railway tracks)
1 tube smarties
1 tbsp soft butter
1 tbsp icing sugar

Butter & icing sugar was mashed together make butter icing 'glue' to stick the wheels on, stick together a stack of chocolate buttons for a funnel, create 'smoke' coming out of the funnel, and stick the Smarties cargo onto the carriages.

30th September 2012
Despite me trying to talk her into a caterpillar cake based on swiss rolls, Sprout wanted a train cake like her little brother, for her 7th birthday party.

No track for this one as it was quite fiddly with so many carriage.  Carriages are carrying smarties and mini marshmallows.

19th June 2013
This year a No Bake Caterpillar Cake for his 5th Birthday.

19th June 2014
I have attempted a No Bake Dinosaur Cake!


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