Chinese Plum Sauce

Last week I collected 1.5kg of small yellow plums from a heavily laden tree at the edge of our village. I don't know what they are - wild plums I guess. They are the size of large cherries, or damsons, but yellow. And not as sweet as Victoria plums but not uncomfortably tart either.

Most of my haul is now sitting in a bucket stewing in water en route to becoming Plum Port, but I thought I'd try a Chinese style plum sauce with the remainder.

As the recipe is being made up as I go I thought it best to write it down in case it is success!

500g plums, weighed out before pitting
1/2 small onion, roughly chopped
1 large garlic clove, roughly chopped
2cm ginger, roughly chopped
2 tbsp shaoshing rice wine
1/8th tsp hot chilli flakes
200g brown sugar

I have bottled this in between writing. It is tart, sweet, and spicy in that order. I would be curious to follow a jam recipe next time ie 1:1 fruit to sugar and then add just the chilli and maybe the garlic.