Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Apple & Oats Breakfast Smoothie

Day 2 of smoothies and I have found inspiration in the strangest of places - Radio 4's Just a Minute!

Listing to a digital recording whilst I made Thai Inspired Potato Fish Cakes yesterday afternoon, one of the contestants tried to talk for one minute without repetition or hesitation about smoothies. When she detailed adding apple to a smoothie she was challenged that this wasn't a proper smoothie ingredient and so went into great detail to prove in fact it was.

So after a quick google for more factual inspiration - here is today's smoothie. The recipe I found was American and used cup measurements, which I have to say is a much easier way of measuring out oats and milk for this recipe, although I only added half the milk as it looked quite enough. If you don't have a cup measure, just use a mug.

Makes roughly 500ml helping (just under a pint)

1/2 cup or mug breakfast oats
1 cup or mug milk (I'm using rice milk right now)
2 apples, chopped into eighths and cored (the recipe above says peel but I didn't and it gave the smoothie a lovely fresh pale green appleyness)
1 tsp honey

Ideally soak the oats and milk overnight so soften the oats up to make them easier to blend. But, if like me you don't get round to this, leave the smoothie to stand for 5-10 minutes after you make it (based on the fact I've just been out to hang the washing out) as this softens the oats and thickens up the smoothie.

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