Thursday, 17 January 2013

Soft White Baps, Burger Buns or Rolls

Where does the word 'baps' come from?  Anyway...

Last year, 3 year old Big Boy return from pre-school clasping the softest little roll I have ever tasted.  I was amazed to learn the children had made it themselves, with a little help.  I knew one of the playworkers was a baker but was surprised to learn it wasn't her, but another playworker who googled 'rolls' and stumbled across the Hairy Bikers Basic White Rolls recipe.

My bread making at that time was not very successful.  All my oven baked bread failed to rise much and had too hard a crust but this recipe was a success, and I have to say this recipe helped me turn a corner in my bread making.  So much so that I have gone from chewy tasty experiments to soft tasty loaves that I sell at my local Country Market.

After trying this basic recipe, try experimenting with wholemeal, granary, poppy seeds.  The possibilities are endless

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