Monday, 18 March 2013

Kind of Roast Chicken Chop Suey

Left with only a handful of cold roast chicken, steamed cabbage, cooked bulgur wheat, and gravy the other night after Dad had made himself an early tea before heading out to football, the only thing that came to mind was a kind of chop suey.

I appreciate it doesn't look great, but it was certainly tasty being comforting on both Asian and Western fronts - roast meets chilli.

Mix everything together, the more gravy the better!  Add about a tablespoon of soy sauce, shaoxing rice wine if you have any (or sherry, or white wine), and oyster sauce.  Grate in about 1 teaspoon of ginger and garlic, and a good sprinkling of chilli flakes.

Heat for a couple minutes in the microwave and sit in front of tv in your sweats and enjoy.

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