Monday, 11 March 2013

Leftover Roast Lamb Ideas

Got leftover roast lamb? Lucky you.

Here's what I would do it, depending on how much you have left...

A Lot
(500g approx).  I usually make my Shepherds Pie with Hidden Vegetables with 500g lamb mince as we never have that much roast lamb left, but Shepherds Pie started off as a leftovers recipe.  And the grated vegetables (or roast ones if you have any left) stretch the meat a little further.  250g of leftover lamb with veggies could make a Shepherd's Pie for two.

 Pasticcio (Cheat's Moussaka) is another option to stretch a fair amount.  Dice the cold lamb and used instead of mince.

A Handful or So
I made a tasty Roast Lamb & Couscous Salad last week when the weather was more springlike!  More warming options are Lamb Dhansak or Lamb Korma, where veggies can be added if you don't have a lot of lamb.  The Korma works well with cauliflower.

Not much at all
Soup is probably the best bet if you only have a tiny bit of lamb left.  Mulligatawny Soup was recommended to me buy one of my soup buying customers at the Country Market.  It is deliciously warming on a snowy day in March such as this.  100g of lamb makes 5-6 bowls so a smaller quantity of lamb would still make a hearty soup for 1 or 2 people.  And any leftover veggies could also find a good home in there.  Scotch Broth is another soup option.

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