Monday, 18 March 2013

What to do with leftover Roast Chicken

We have loads of leftover roast chicken today because only three out of 5 of us felt up to eating on Saturday evening when the plan had been to enjoy a family roast ahead of Princess' 10th Birthday Party on Sunday.  She retched her way through Saturday and Sunday afternoon, I felt fluey, and Big Boy was too tired to be agreeable.

So today, whilst Princess lies on the sofa willing herself back to school tomorrow I am compiling all my ideas for leftover roast chicken as I did for lamb last week.

Lots of chicken
A pie or casserole. There are endless variations of pie to make with varying amounts of chicken, as they can always be boosted with vegetables or beans.  Plus you don't have to make a pie with pastry.  I often serve 'pies' with rice or mash, or you could even use the mash as a pie topping like Shepherds Pie.  And remember that chicken can be used instead of turkey in all the old faithful Christmas turkey leftover recipes.

In no particular order are my favourite pie fillings or casseroles; Cassoulet, Chicken & Mushroom or Sweetcorn, Turkey & Leek Pie,

A Small Amount
Just under a portion per person of chicken can easily make a meal as a curry or a stir fry. Add the cooked chicken at the end of the cooking, just warm it up thoroughly in the sauce before serving.
Not Much
Tiny amounts of leftover meat find themselves in a soup or stir fry in our house;
And don't forget the carcass.  Keep all the bones, skin, anything you don't eat one way or another.  Keep it in a tupperware box in the fridge until you are ready to put it all in a pan with a carrot, onion, celery stick and clove of garlic.  Cover with water and simmer for about an hour, squashing the bones into the liquid every now and then.  One well picked carcass doesn't make much stock, about 1/2 a pint but it is truly pure and delicious for a midweek soup treat for one as above!

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