Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sausages Cooked in Cider

We are having a sausagey day.  Sausage rolls and Scotch Eggs for lunch, and sausages for tea.  Not the best planning but it goes down well with the kids.

Usually when I cook sausages for the kids I just brown them lightly, splosh in a little water and clamp a well fitting lid on the pan and let the sausages simmer for about 20 minutes.  This makes for soft braised sausages that even 4 year olds with unwieldy knife skills can cut.

But today, with lovely plump pork & black pudding sausages from our local butcher, my glance fell upon a half full bottle of cider.  Used for a chicken dish a few weeks ago, it has sat going flat in the corner of the counter waiting for a use.  Dad was convinced it wasn't 'alright' but I'm not sure how 'unright' a opened and neglected bottle of alcohol can be (unless something has crawled/flown into it and died a happy inebriated death), other than flat which is no great loss in cooking.  A crafty swig whilst the kids played on the Wii in the other room proved I was right, and I poured about 125ml into the bottom of the pan before clamping on the lid.

The kids are unaware of the alcoholic content of the 'gravy' that the pasta is swimming in, and I can only hope they sleep the better for it.  Particularly as my 7 and 4 year olds have announced they want to sleep head to toe in the same single bed tonight having slept in two single beds pushed together for the last 7 nights on holiday.

Dad & I will eat the same tonight, minus the pasta, possibly with some onion and sage quickly fried with the sausages before adding the cider to make a cider onion gravy.

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