Thursday, 27 June 2013

Soft Boiled Egg & Toast Soldiers

This is not really a recipe, more of a reminder about this wholesome breakfast (or tea). Kids seem to love it, although I think the mess making potential has something to do with it.

When Princess was young we struggled to get her to eat, and eggs were one of the nutritious basics that we stumbled across in our mission set to us by her dietician at 3 months old to 'make every spoonful count'.

She took to soft boiled eggs straight away, with buttery toast fingers soaked in the runny yolk.  First we started with standard supermarket eggs, then free range, and finally organic eggs.  The free range were good, with bigger yolks for dipping than the standard eggs. But by far the best we have ever seen are these organic eggs from Riverford.  The yolks are just so big, rich and deep yellow.  All other eggs look anemic by comparison.  'Egg Toast' as is now known in our house is a Wednesday morning treat for all three kids, and a regular Sunday afternoon light lunch before a roast.

Timings for a firm white and runny yolk that work for me are; pour boiling water over eggs straight from the fridge. Place on a lid and watch like a hawk until boiling again.  Turn down to a simmer and give medium eggs 2.5 minutes, and large 3 minutes.  Cooking done, remove from heat, drain and pour on cold water.  Open immediately so the yolk doesn't carry on cooking.  NB toast is all toasted, buttered, and cut up before the eggs go on so you are not trying to be in two places at once!

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