No Bake Caterpillar Cake

My Big Boy was 5 on Wednesday and we held his (all girl) party at the weekend.

This year I managed to talk him out of the seemingly traditional No Bake Chocolate Train Cake I have done for his last two birthdays, as well as his sister's last birthday.  Instead I thought I'd try a Caterpillar Cake.  Same idea, more colour!

2 chocolate swiss rolls
1 pack unsalted soft butter
400g icing sugar
1 tsp green food colouring
2 strawberry or licorice straws
1 tube of smarties or M&Ms
12 large chocolate buttons

I start by making the icing.  Mash the icing sugar and butter together in a mixing bowl.  Stir in the food colouring.

To make a small hump, slice one of the swiss rolls in half.  Cut a small slice off each end at an angle so each half can be lent together in an upside down V shape.  Cut the remaining swiss roll in half and push these up against each end of the V to hold it in place.  You can trim away a little swiss roll from the end to close any big gaps in the join, but don't worry too much about gaps as these will be covered with the butter icing.

 If you don't want to make a hump, just stick the two swiss rolls together end to end without any cutting.

Cover the 'caterpillar' in the butter icing.  I just used a desertspoon to do this rather than any fancy equipment.  Scatter with Smarties, stick in the feelers, make a face, and poke the large chocolate buttons under the side on both sides at regular intervals to make feet. Done.