Thursday, 8 May 2014

Minty Mojito

Okay, so it's showery and cold outside.  But I walked past my lush looking mint plant on the school run home and made a date with it for when most of my three kids were in bed.

I bought the wherewithal for Mojitos two Christmas' ago but just seemed to forget about them.  But today I fancied something a little bit different.  And I like it.  Kind of a cross between Pimms and a G&T.

1 Simple Mojito
1 shot white rum
2 tsp icing sugar
5 or more large mint leaves
Sparkling water, soda, tonic, lemonade...

Bruise mint leaves with the ice, icing sugar, and rum in a tall glass (I'm thinking I might need to invest in cocktail shaker for some serious bruising). Top up with sparkling water, stir, and think of summer.

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