Food Processor Seville Marmalade

Making marmalade is a time consuming business; squeezing, shredding, soaking overnight, and simmering till soft.

My small contribution to shortening this process is to blitz the juiced peel in a food processor.  Lots of people seemed to be shredding theirs in old fashioned mincers, so I thought why not a food processor.  Oh and not bothering to soak the chopped peel overnight.  Works for me.

1kg seville oranges
2 litres water
2kg sugar

Halve the oranges and squeeze out the juice into your largest pan with a lid.  Cut the halves into quarters, scrape out the squashed remainder of the segments and reserve, and place the scraped quarters into a food processor.  Blitz until small and add to the saucepan.  Collect together all the scrapings from the peel, and the pips and flesh from the juicer and tie these in a piece of muslin (I used a jelly bag tied tightly with string) and add to the pan together with the water.  Bring to the boil then simmer on the lowest heat for about 2 hours.  The peel is ready when it squashes easily between your fingers.

Once the peel is soft, add the sugar and bring to a rapid boil uncovered.  Check for a set after about 20 minutes (Place a teaspoon of marmalade on a saucer that has been chilling in the freezer.  The marmalade should wrinkle and be like a thin jelly when you push your finger through it.)  If not setting, leave for another 10 minutes then test again.

When the marmalade is setting, turn off the heat and leave the marmalade for 30 minutes to cool a little.  This is to prevent the peel all floating to the top which is does when the marmalade is very hot.  Whilst waiting for it to cool place your washed jars in a cold oven and turn the temperature up to 150C.  When the oven reaches temperature your jars are sterilised.  Turn the oven off until the marmalade has had it's cooling time.

Bottle the jars just short of the brim and seal tightly with lids that have been washed and sterilised in a bowl of boiling water.  The marmalade is ready to eat straight away, after only a morning's work!

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