Medicinal Pasta in Brodo (Pasta in Soup)

I was laid up with flu most of last week and when I wasn't in bed, I lay on the sofa watching cookery programmes back to back.  After seeing The Hairy Bikers in Israel talking about chicken soup as Jewish penicillin and then Jamie Oliver tucking into a bowl of homemade pasta in mutton stock with Pecorino cheese I was reminded Tortellini in Brodo, a childhood restorative comfort food.  So the first meal I made for myself once I felt able was Pasta in Brodo as the nearest equivalent I could cobble together between my chills and fevers and near empty cupboards.

Makes 2 small helpings
500ml boiling water
1 organic chicken stock cube
1 handful small pasta shapes (I used small macaroni)
Cheddar cheese

Crumble the stock cube into a small pan with the boiling water and stir to dissolve.  Add a heaped handful of pasta shapes and boil according to the instructions on the packet.  I have noticed that the pasta we buy on holiday in France has a cooking time for 'al dente' and another for 'fondante' or melt in the mouth.  In this sick bed food I think you want the pasta meltingly soft so add a minute or so to the cooking time.  Once ready, pour into a deep bowl or mug and grate over some strong cheddar, reinstall yourself on the sofa, and get stuck into iPlayer.