Vegan Root Vegetable & Lentil Shepherds Pie

I've veganised my carnivore Shepherd's Pie with Hidden Vegetables for #meatlessmonday.

Serves 4-6

1 large carrot
1 large stick of celery
1 large onion
1 large garlic clove
1/4 swede, celeriac, or a couple of medium parsnips
1 tbsp olive oil
125g green lentils
125g red lentils
Heaped tsp Marmite
1 tin chopped tomatoes
500ml just boiled water
1 vegetable stock cube
5 large baking potatoes
Dairy free margarine
Dairy free milk
I tbsp olive oil

Peel and dice all the vegetables.  Sweat the onion, carrot and celery for about 10 minutes with the lid on then add the garlic and remaining root vegetables for another 10 minutes, making sure they don't catch on the bottom of the pan.

After the final 10 minutes or so, add the tomatoes, lentils, marmite, water and stock cube.  Bring to the boil then simmer with a lid on for 30 minutes or until the green lentils and vegetables are tender.  Stir from time to time to make sure the pan is not drying out, adding more boiled water if it is.

Roughly chop the potatoes.  I leave the skins on, but my kids aren't keen on this timesaving approach.  Pour over boiling water and boil for 10 minutes with a little salt until the potatoes are soft.  When soft, drain and mash with the margarine and dairy free milk until you have a spreadable mash.

Pour the lentil & vegetable base into a lasagna dish.  You may with to stir in a few splashes of water if the lentils have made the mix a little dry.  Plop spoonfuls of mash over the mix to cover the surface.  Rough the potato up with a fork or a spoon to help it brown in the oven.  Drizzle over the olive oil and bake for 20 minutes at 200C or until the liquid from the vegetable mix is bubbling up round the sides of the potato.  If not browned to your taste, place the pie under the grill watching it very carefully until it is browned to your taste.