Monday, 6 February 2012

Beetroot Bloomer

I have a hankering to make coloured bread to encourage kids to eat healthy real bread.

As attempts just to substitute the same amount of water with beetroot juice failed, I reverted to bread machine recipe in the hope it was tried and tested and could transfer simply to the oven.

The raw beetroot coloured the dough beautifully, and whilst the chunkily grated beetroot looks like juicy jewels in the loaf it hasn't coloured the loaf as pink/purple as I had hoped so this is still work in progress. Next I think I'll try either grating it as fine as I can or liquidising it with some of the water. But it did taste delicious especially toasted.

375g white bread flour
1.5tsp quick acting bread yeast
140g grated beetroot
1tsp salt
1tbsp sunflower oil
160ml water

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