Monday, 6 February 2012

Carrot Loaf

I first attempted a carrot loaf in the bad old days before I could get a loaf to hold it's shape. So not surprisingly I only succeeded in a tasty but chewy carrot log that the kids wouldn't eat.

But now in the brave new world of breadmaking, and after the chunky grated beetroot bloomer, I thought I'd try to puree cooked carrot to colour the loaf.

The dough needed less water than the recipe with raw carrot said so I had to keep on adding flour to turn it from a sticky mess to a kneadable dough. I have just made it again, this time in the bread maker and put less water in and it appears to have worked again. The kids eat it happily, even when I owned up to them that it was another carrot loaf.

375g white bread flour
150g cooked carrot puree
150ml warm water
1tsp salt
1.5tsp fast acting yeast
15g sunflower oil

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