Roast Mutton

Our kids, and particularly Princess love roasts so we try to do one every Sunday.  This Sunday our local butcher  recommended a small leg of mutton as he knows we like it and apparently they won't have any in for a while.

Cooking a roast is seemingly man's business.  And it gives me a welcome break from cooking so who am I to argue.  Dad's notes written on the back of an envelope for the timings of this roast have been salvaged from the recycling bin and go as follows:- Mutton 971g 20mins @220C 20mins @ 160C.  This gave us a fairly pink centre, which was the plan.  There was rosemary & garlic involved with the roast, he made a gravy with the juices, bovril, red wine, and cornflour.  Made a little mint sauce from dried mint and vinegar, and served it with boiled carrots and new potatoes.  Plates licked clean.

Pudding, as tea was eaten, was 3 squeezy yoghurt tubes each (trying to get rid of the remaining ones after Sprout's 7th birthday party last weekend).  Princess had a Petit Filous as spooning feeding a 9 year old who can't use her hands seems more dignified than squirting yoghurt into her mouth.