What is a Country Market?

As if life wasn't busy enough I have started producing food for my local Country Market.

What is a Country Market I hear you ask?  In my village, the Country Market is the former WI (Women's Institute) Market, and that might give you a clue to some of what it might sell.  Homemade cakes and jams do take up a of of table space in my Country Market but at this time of year by far the largest space is taken up by homegrown vegetables from members' (5p membership for life) gardens or allotments, garden plants, and young vegetable plants ready to plant out.

So yesterday, leaving Baby Boy to happily play on my computer, I turned out 8 bread rolls, 4 portions of Lentil & Lamb Curry, 1 pot of Thai Spiced Butternut Squash Soup, and a total of 16 gingerbread sheep, pigs, bunnies, & dinosaurs.  Today £13 takings including the Country Market's 10% commission. and hopefully more happy customers.