Monday, 28 January 2013

Hugh's Jammy Muffins

I haven't got a sweet tooth nor do my kids regularly eat enough supper to be rewarded with sweet treats, but about once a month I volunteer to bake 36 muffins/biscuits for the Infant School Friday After School Cafe.  And this is where I get to experiment with my sugary culinary muscle.

So last Friday, fed up with rolling and cutting out gingerbread dinosaurs which is my usual offering, I remembered Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's Jammy Muffins.

As I was baking ostensibly for 4-7 year olds I opted for strawberry jam rather than lemon curd, and have to produce nut-free cakes which ruled out Nutella which probably would have been the kids favourite.

Having repeatedly failed in the past to make edible muffins (despite being able to make bread good enough to sell!) I was pleased how easy these muffins are to make.  The only 'difficulty' was taking care not to mix the mixture too much whilst trying to marble the big lumps of set jam.  The muffins puffed up in a very satisfying way in the oven, and then collapsed a little when cooled down reminding me of oozy jam doughnuts.  Next time I think I'll try adding some almond like Hugh suggests to the jam muffins, and of course make some nutella ones for my kids - large and small - to eat at home.

I am entering this into Lavender & Lovage  and What Kate Baked's monthly Tea Time Treats challenge in the hope that I am not too late for this month!

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  1. What LOVELY big fluffy muffins Leesa! Those look amazing and thanks so much for entering them into Tea Time Treats! Karen