Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Hugh's Marbled Chocolate or Nutella Muffins

I've been meaning to make the chocolate version of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's muffins for quite a while but never seem to quite have the opportunity.  The recipe is dead simple, swirling Nutella through the muffin mix, but most of my sweet baking is destined for the Infant School Cafe who have a strict no nut policy.

But Sunday was my darling Isabel's 10th Birthday.  Sadly, she does not like cake.  However, my Victoria Sponge was so pathetically small I thought I'd better boost the sweet treats for the assembled extended family by making a batch of muffins.

Producing something with a healthy hint of chocolate wowed the children ranging in age from 2-10, and even my fussy 6 year old niece couldn't restrain herself, announcing out of earshot of her parents, that they were really yummy.


  1. They look amazing! Sadly I don't like Nutella (I know, weird), but my best friend would adore these!

  2. Thanks! If you don't like nutella you could try mixing through any kind of white, milk, or dark chocolate. Try the same amount of chocolate chips, chopped or melted chocolate for an indulgent chocolatey treat.