Monday, 25 July 2016

Italian Courgette Soup

Frantically trying to eat up a glut of courgettes, I remembered a recipe that my flatmate in Siena (I studied French & Italian at university and spent my 3rd year half in Siena and half in Nantes) taught me.  It is surprisingly tasty for a recipe with so few ingredients.

1 large courgette
1 chicken stock cube
1 tbsp olive oil
500ml boiling water

Finely slice the courgette (I used the julienne attachment on a mandolin).  Fry over a medium heat until the courgette begins to brown.  Add the water and crumbled stock cube.  Bring to the boil then simmer with a lid on for about 20 minutes.  Whisk to break up the courgette and serve.

To make this a more filling soup you could add a small handful of white rice with the liquid.

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