Thursday, 3 January 2013

Jamie Oliver's Turkey & Sweet Leek Pie

I've been meaning to make this since Boxing Day, but only got round to it today with the last of the turkey taken out of the freezer at the last minute.

It is largely based on Jamie Oliver's recipe, but with my mac and my desk upstairs to make space for the Christmas tree downstairs, there were several tweeks based on what I had in the cupboards and what I could remember of the recipe on the way downstairs with the kids calling my name every few seconds.

The most major tweek was making shortcrust pastry - so much easier than taking three children 9, 7 , & 4 (the eldest of which in a wheelchair) down the the hill to the shops.  I threw about 5 sage leaves in the mix plus a handful of cheddar cheese leftover from baked potatoes at lunch and was pretty pleased with the result, although my crimping is amateur to say the least.

Kids generally liked it as it is similar to a Chicken & Ham pie mix I make, although Sprout and Big Boy had to be bribed with a large gherkin halfway through.  Princess burst into hormonal tears when I told her she didn't have to eat the last few mouthful.

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