Instant Noodles with Added Leftovers

After a week of entertaining, we ended half term with a visit to my niece for her third and final party for her 7th Birthday.

The kids, all seven of them, aunts, uncles and grandma all gorged themselves on baked potatoes, a buffet lunch, and birthday cake.  So not surprisingly we weren't that interested in making dinner on Sunday night.

For just such occasions, we have instant noodles from a nearby Asian supermarket in the back of our cupboard.  Usually they are just eaten as they come, but last night Dad was concerned this might not be enough to keep him going, so he decided to extend them with some slivers of pork fillet leftover from Jamie Oliver's Seared Pork Fillet & Catherine Wheel Sausage we'd made Friday night (we gave the kids the leftover sausages with pasta for a quick Sunday tea), together with some finely sliced broccoli stalk.  These were added at the last minute,  just giving them time to warm through.  Just add extra chilli to taste!

Essentially any pack of instant noodles can be improved upon with a few vegetables and some leftover meat if you have any.  If using plainer noodles e.g. chicken or vegetable instant noodles you could add a little ginger, garlic and soy to the mix.  Or Thai curry paste.  I am reminded now that we survived a year of backpacking in our early thirties regularly eating noodles with a bit of fresh veg thrown in.  Not sure I'd care to read the ingredients on some of these packs - but don't think it has done us any harm.