Saturday, 28 December 2013

101 Things to do with Leftover Ham

There is probably an endless list of what ham stock and ham pieces could be used for.  And don't forget to keep the cooking liquid from boiling for soups and risottos.
  • Pasta Carbonara - I am planning this as I type.  Just need a little leftover cream, cheddar, ham, & garlic.
  • Minestrone - The cooking liquor has been frozen ready to use as stock for Minestrone, or a chard, mushroom & bacon risotto.
  • Cauliflower or Macaroni Cheese - Cauliflower cheese in our house is a combination of macaroni and cauliflower cheese to make it into a balanced meal.  A sprinkling of chopped ham adds a little more protein and flavour to an already tasty dish.
  • Pea & Ham Soup - A warming Autumn/Winter classic made with dried peas or frozen or a combination of both.
  • Boston Baked Beans - Adding the ham fat and bone to this dish during the cooking adds another level of flavour.

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